VIDEO: MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred speaks out on Pete Rose decision

CINCINNATI -- Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred is not mincing words when it comes to his decision on Pete Rose’s future in the sport.

Manfred spoke with ESPN during “Sportscenter” about his decision.

Earlier, the commissioner released a statement saying Rose did not man up to new accusations that arose from baseball betting slips obtained by ESPN last summer, or about his current, continued gambling.

Manfred also decried Rose for not heeding former Commissioner Bart Giamatti's directive to "reconfigure his life" after Giamatti banned Rose in 1989 for betting on the Reds.

“What it meant to me, is that he had to show an understand that he had done something wrong -- admit that he had done something wrong,” Manfred said on Sportscenter. “But more important, demonstrate an ability to stay away from those associations and behaviors that caused his original placement on the permanently ineligible list.”

When asked about Rose’s continued betting on baseball, Manfred said Rose eventually owned up to it after questioning. The commissioner said that at first Rose told him that he was not betting on baseball but that Rose clarified the statement later during their talk.

When pressed on why Rose’s legal betting was still an issue, Manfred said:

“Well I think it’s an indication of the fact that, given his background, given the fact that he knew he was filing a petition for reinstatement; I think it was reflective of an inability to stay away from gambling.”

Manfred was also pressed on a criticism of the ruling that Rose is being held to a different standard than players who have used performance-enhancing drugs.

“Gambling can undermine the integrity of the play of the game on the field and the public’s confidence in that game. There are a lot of things wrong with PED use -- many, many things wrong with PED use -- but the fact of the matter is that it does not create a suggestion that somebody is not trying to win the game. As a matter of fact it’s the opposite -- they’re trying too hard to win the game,” Manfred said.

At the close of the interview, ESPN asked how Manfred felt about the decision.

“I feel glad to have resolution on the issue. This was a long, very labor-intensive process, and I’m glad that this process is over, on the one hand. On the other hand, it was a very difficult decision, and I’m sure it’s one that’s painful for Mr. Rose and I take no joy in that,” Manfred said.

The commissioner closed by saying that there’s nothing in the rules that would stop him from filing another request.

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