Reds fans react to Votto extension

CINCINNATI - Reds fans at the Holy Grail near Great American Ball Park watched as Joey Votto inked his 10-year $225 million deal with Cincinnati Wednesday.

Fans have different reasons for being excited about the contract extension.

"He's beautiful," said Reds fan Miranda Ely.

Ely and her husband Darrel drove from Virginia to be in town for Opening Day.

Darrell, like many Reds fans, is excited about the Votto deal, but knows the risks of investing so much money in one player.

"They just signed (Ryan) Madson, he may never pitch for the Reds, $8.5 million contract probably wasted. What if Votto gets hurt? Then you've got a quarter of your payroll invested in one guy, and we've already had that with (Ken) Griffey," said Ely.

Some long-time Reds fans like Eric Reols never thought such a mega deal was possible for a small market franchise like Cincinnati.

"It raised my eyebrows that it could actually happen here in Cincinnati," said Reols.

Fans, who were worried Votto leaving town when he became a free agent, can now sit back and enjoy the next decade that Number 19 is wearing a Reds uniform.

"I was scared he was going to be gone, because my husband is always telling me he's going to be gone, because I'm so in love with him," said Miranda Ely.

Votto and the Reds open the season Thursday when they host the Miami Marlins at 4:05 p.m.

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