Mayor Mallory is asking all Cincinnatians to support the Reds

CINCINNATI - Mayor Mark Mallory is calling on all Cincinnatians and everyone in the Tri-State to "go crazy" Thursday in support of their hometown team.

The mayor is asking every Cincinnatian to wear their Reds gear or red clothing and "paint the town red" Thursday. He's also asking every local business to post signs showing support for the Reds.

"The Reds have had an amazing season. And all year long, the foundation of that success has been the strong home field advantage that Reds fans provided," Mayor Mallory said. "Tomorrow, we need to provide the biggest home field advantage yet. From the moment the Giants get out of bed, they need to know that Cincinnati is Reds Country."

The support is coming after a Reds loss to the Giants in the NLCS Game 4, 8-3. The loss forces a Game 5 as both teams have two wins.

"We are a team in Cincinnati and our team has brought us a lot of pride. And now we need to show our support and root the Reds to the next round," Mayor Mallory said.

Whether it's at the ball park, a local entertainment establishment with your friends, or from the comfort of your own couch, Mayor Mallory is asking everyone to make time to watch the Reds "finish off the Giants [Thursday] afternoon."

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