PITCH-BY-PITCH: Reds vs. Giants NLDS Game 1

SAN FRANCISCO - 9 News was LIVE at AT&T Park for Game 1 of the NLDS as the Cincinnati Reds take on the San Francisco Giants. Follow a recap pitch by pitch below.

GAME OVER: Chapman strikes out Posey on a 100 mph fastball to end the game. Reds 5, Giants 2.

SCORE ALERT: A ball gets by Hanigan, allowing Arias to score from 3rd. Reds 5, Giants 2. All runners advance up a base.

2 outs, bases loaded, Bot 9th - Chapman gets two quick foul balls and then a pop out to second from Sandoval. But here comes Buster Posey, an NL MVP candidate.

Bot 9th - Joaquin Arias pinch hits in the 8 spot. Arias puts a good swing on a 3-2 fastball clocked at 97 mph and ends up on first with a single. Pinch hitting for the pitcher spot in the lineup is Xavier Nady. A wild pitch by Chapman allows Arias to move to second. A four-pitch walk puts runners on first and second with no outs. Dusty Baker takes a stroll out to the mound to have a chat with Chapman. The words of encouragement appears to have worked. Chapman gets an infield pop out from Pagan. 1 out. Chapman walks Scutaro after throwing two offspeed pitches in the mix. Bases loaded for Sandoval, a huge home run threat.

Mid 9th - Chapman takes the mound for the bottom of the 9th, in which he'll face the bottom of the lineup, the 8, 9 and 1 hitters for the Giants.

Top 9th (cont.) - Casilla strikes out Cozart to stop the bleeding and end the inning.

SCORE ALERT: Another ball gets by the catcher, this time a passed ball as it hit off Posey's glove, and Xavier Paul scores from third. 5-1 Reds, Phillips at third.

Top 9th (cont.) - A wild pitch advances Phillips and Paul to second and third.

SCORE ALERT: Brandon Phillips doesn't buy Casilla's breaking stuff, and puts a fastball just over the glove of a diving Scutaro at second for a single. Hanigan scores and it's 4-1 Reds. And yes, there are a few Reds fans howling.

Top 9th - Rolen strikes out on a good offspeed pitch by Casilla for the 1st out. Hanigan rips a single up the middle on a 1-0 pitch to get to first with 1 out. A 3-2 fastball at 94 mph gets Stubbs. 2 out. Xavier Paul pinch hits for Broxton. Paul played defense on a 2-strike pitch and blooped one into right-center for a single. Meanwhile Hanigan gets to third. Phillips up with two outs.

End 8th - Reds 3, Giants 1. That was the most tense moment of the game by far, and Aroldis Chapman has already started throwing. Things looking good for the Reds. New pitcher for the Giants is Santiago Casilla, who had a 2.84 ERA and 25 saves during the regular season.

Bot 8th - Giants fans get back to high-decibel levels to star the 8th with Sandoval the lead-off man. If the Giants don't get something done this inning, it could be Chapman against the bottom of their lineup, which spells trouble for them, but good things for the Reds. Sandoval gives it a good rip, but Cozart makes a slight leap to grab the 1st out. Posey slices one through the right side of the infield for a single with 1 out. Hunter Pence hits another bomb, this time to right, but Jay Bruce is there for the second out just before the wall. Broxton walks Brandon Belt, and there are men on 2nd and 1st for Gregor Blanco, who is 2-2 with a double and a walk. Everyone in this ballpark was on their feet for that, but fortunately for the Reds, Broxton got a 3-2 low fastball to strike out Blanco looking. Inning over, crisis averted for the Redlegs.

Mid 8th - Heisey does take over in left and big man Jonathan Broxton takes over on the mound. Apparently there is a tradition to sing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" in the middle of the 8th here at AT&T Park. I know a few teams do something similar. Red Sox fans sing "Sweet Caroline." Aroldis Chapman was playing long toss with RF Bruce to begin his warm up routine. He'll be up in the bullpen soon, one would think, if this Reds lead holds to the 9th.

Top 8th - Phillips laces a single to center to start. Mota strikes out Cozart after a few failed bunt attempts, and Giants skipper Bruce Bochy pulls Mota for lefty Jeremy Affeldt to face Votto. Affeldt and Votto battled, but Votto grounded to second on a 2-2 pitch. Phillips made a very smart play when he was caught in the base path and stopped in his tracks, which forced 2B Marco Scutaro to rush toward him, but he had to give up on the tag so he could get Votto at 1st. Phillips advances to second with two outs. The Giants intentionally walk Ludwick to face Bruce. Heisey pinch-runs for Ludwick and will likely take over in left. Bruce grounds to second on a 1-1 pitch and the throw to first is good. 3 outs.

End 7th - Reds 3, Giants 1. Attendance was announced at 43,492. Full house here. Guillermo Mota is the new pitcher for the Giants. Top of the lineup for the Reds due up.

Bot 7th - Ryan Theriot, the former Chicago Cub,

bats for Kontos. Two solid innings from Kontos in relief. Jose Arredondo is throwing in the Reds bullpen, despite Marshall having just come in to the game. A sharp ground ball by Theriot to Rolen gets him thrown out at first. 1 down. A high pop out to left by Pagan is the 2nd out. Ludwick makes another great catch, but one that maybe shouldn't have had to be as difficult as it was. He misjudged a hard hit ball by Scutaro, and had to lunge at the last second at the warning track to get it. Either way, nice play Ludwick, inning over.

7th Inning Stretch - A good rendition of "God Bless America" and "Take Me Out To the Ballgame" by a man on a trombone. Sean Marshall is indeed the new Reds pitcher. And those empty seats I mentioned earlier did fill up. A good show here by the Giants faithful. I can only expect the same when we come back home to Cincinnati.

Top 7th - Kontos still pitching. Inning starts with a hard hit grounder by Hanigan, but shortstop Brandon Crawford handles it and throws him out. Stubbs flies to right for the second out. Miguel Cairo pinch-hits for Latos, and his night is done (4 hits, 1 earned run, 1 strikeout, 1 walk). Cairo put a good hit on it, but it's just a fly ball out to center. Inning over.

End 6th - Reds 3, Giants 1. Latos might be done after that inning as Marshall is up and warming in the bullpen, but he controlled the damage nicely. Fun fact about AT&T Park, they have a digital screen in left that shows the distance of Giants home runs. I would love to see some of the shots Jay Bruce gets a hold of into right field at GABP... In other between-inning news, they did the Kiss Cam here and the kisses are a lot more intense than at GABP. If Cincinnati has a conservative reputation, then San Fran has a very, very liberal reputation.

Bot 6th (cont.) - As playoff baseball sometimes goes, Hunter Pence belted a ball to the warning track in center and AT&T Park got just as loud as a moment ago, but Drew Stubbs was there. Another one of those that could have cleared the fence in left. 1 out. Ludwick then made a great play in left, diving in front of him and to his left to basket a sinking fly ball for out number 2. A rare excellent defensive showing by Ludwick. On the next pitch, Gregor Blanco surprise bunts and Scott Rolen tries to catch up, rushes the throw, misses Votto, but a great diving play behind Joey by Brandon Phillips keeps Blanco at first. Ruled a hit. Man on 1st with two outs. Brandon Crawford pops one up to short to end the inning.

SCORE ALERT: Bot 6th: Buster Posey cracks a home run to left on the first pitch. Good follow up to Gangnam Style for the Giants. This place just got loud. Reds 3, Giants 1.

Mid 6th - A good inning by Kontos. He had some good offspeed stuff and was consistently locating low and away. As I could have predicted a few innings ago, AT&T Park just put "Gangnam Style" on the big board and showed their audience doing the signature dance. Seems like everyone knows it pretty well too. Did you know that song is a social commentary on Korea?

Top 6th - Ryan Ludwick leads off with a strike out after fouling two balls back directly at the press box. It's a dangerous work environment here. Jay Bruce smokes one to center, but it stays in the ball park for out number 2. That would have been another run if it was in left. Rolen flies out to right to end the inning.

End 5th - Reds 3, Giants 0. Now pitching for the Giants is right-hander George Kontos, who had a 2.47 ERA in the regular season.

Bot 5th - Cain is done. Aubrey Huff is his pinch hitter to lead off. Cain will be charged with 3 runs, all earned, over 5 innings pitched and 75 pitches. Huff flies out to Stubbs for 1st out. Angel Pagan lifts a liner into left for a single. On a Scutaro ground ball to short, Cozart gets the runner at second and a great bare-hand by Phillips almost got Scutaro down at 1st, but the throw was off, and a fortunate bounce off of Scutaro's leg after Votto couldn't scoop the throw saves what could have been an extra base. Man on 1st with 2 outs. Sandoval hits a little looper to second right in front of Phillips, who takes a step back, bare-hands it and throws him out at first to end the inning.

Mid 5th - One can't help but wonder if Mike Leake will be worked into the rotation with Cueto out and Latos on short rest. Latos was scheduled to pitch Game 3 back in Cincinnati, and it's likely that Homer Bailey will be moved up to that spot, but Leake could pitch the Wednesday Game 4 (if necessary).

Top 5th - Mat Latos strikes out to start the inning. 1 out. Brandon Phillips flies out to the infield for out No. 2. Zack Cozard lines a single into left to keep the inning alive, but Cain throws a great breaking ball to get Votto to ground out to second, inning over.

LATEST ON CUETO'S INJURY: http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/sports/baseball/reds/reds-lose-19-game-winner-johnny-cueto-to-injury .

End 4th - Reds 3, Giants 0. The Giants fans here are very enthusiastic. They're ooo-ing and ah-ing at every potential swing, fly

ball or fielding play. It's good to see the team so supportive, but the reactions are a bit too preemptive sometimes.

Bot 4th - A ground ball hit by Hunter Pence to Scott Rolen was too slow of a roller, and on the throw, Rolen bounced it just before Votto's glove and it went past the first baseman to the screens of the Reds dugout. E-5 and a man on first with no outs. Brandon Belt hit a laser to the right side of the infield, but Votto leaped, grabbed it and tagged 1st for a double play. 2 outs. Latos gives up a walk, but strikes out Bernard Crawford to end the inning.

Mid 4th - Giants starter Matt Cain has been sporadic so far. First two innings he wasn't locating very well, now he's getting in some good pitches, but credit Phillips and Bruce for their home runs, they went out and got tough strikes.

Top 4th (cont.) - Scott Rolen, Ryan Hanigan and Drew Stubbs all fly out to right for three outs. 3-0 Reds.

SCORE ALERT: Top 4th - Jay Bruce hits a tough pitch and homers to WAY back in right-center field, up over the brick wall here. 3-0 Reds.

End 3rd - Reds 2, Giants 0. A strange thing they do here at AT&T Park: The ushers sell memorabilia, hats and foam fingers in the stands. Wonder if it does anything for sales. Either way, there are a lot of memorabilia gimmicks here, like the aforementioned panda hats and masks, the Tim Lincecum golf pants, orange hair and much, much more. I saw one guy with a full pleated suit and a bright orange vest and tie, with a mohawk that was dyed orange. Looks like the Reds need more than an air guitar to keep up.

Bot 3rd - Angel Pagan flies out to center for the 1st out. Marco Scutaro grounds out to short for the 2nd out. Pablo Sandoval put in a really good at-bat and made Latos work, but Sandoval ended the winner with a single through the right side of the infield. Buster Posey grounds out to Rolen to end the inning.

Mid 3rd - Out comes Mat Latos to pitch. He'll likely be on a set pitch count because of being on 3 days rest.

Top 3rd (cont.) - Cain hits Cozart with a pitch and walks Votto on four pitches. Ludwick grounds in a 4-6-3 double play to end the inning, but the Reds have the lead.

SCORE ALERT: Brandon Phillips homers to deep left to make it 2-0 Reds.

Top 3rd - Drew Stubbs laced a single through the left infield gap for a hit. Homer Bailey pinch hits for LeCure, so we'll see who the Reds go with next inning (likely Latos since he was warming earlier and there is no one out there now) LeCure and Dusty Baker could be seen in the Reds dugout laughing, one would think about LeCure's earliest relief pitch effort in his career. Bailey attempted to bunt Stubbs on a few times, but failed and whiffed on a third strike that he was forced to try and swing at. 1 out.

End 2nd - Reds 0, Giants 0. - I mentioned Mat Latos had been warming up. He would be pitching on three days rest, not the ideal situation considering this is the beginning of the playoffs, but the Reds sat him down. Side note: They did this in between paddleboard race at a presumably nearby canal. It was neat, and a guy with a giant panda mask on won (It's a thing here).

Bot 2nd -  Buster Posey is the leadoff man, and he struck out. Hunter Pence then grounded out to Scott Rolen for the second out. Sam Lecure's last few outings have all gone south after he throws about 15 pitches. He's at 17, and he just walked 1B Brandon Belt. A double by Gregor Blanco came next, which put runners on second and third. LeCure and the Reds intentionally walk Brandon Crawford to get to Matt Cain with the bases loaded and 2 outs. Cain made pretty good contact, but Bruce tracked it down in right field for the third out. Dodged a bullet there.

UPDATE ON CUETO: He's been listed as day-to-day with back spasms. IF the Reds make it past this round, they're going to need some starting pitching help if they can't rely on Cueto.

Mid 2nd - Mat Latos has started loosening in the right field bullpen. Could be a longer term solution, but Sam LeCure is back out on the mound for the 2nd. Side Note: The Giants do a lot less scoreboard games with their audience than the Reds do. Mostly just highlights and music takes up between innings.

Top 2nd - Ryan Ludwick got a give and take with the ump, with a ball or two that might have been a strike, but then a strike that might have been a ball to ring him up. 1 out. Jay Bruce follows up with a scorcher down the right field line on the ground for the first hit of the game. He reaches second with a double. Rolen grounds out but gets Bruce to third with 2 outs. Hanigan flies out to right to end the inning. Reds 0, Giants 0.

End 1st Reds 0, Giants 0 - The Reds' bullpen is good, but 9 innings out of them is a lot to ask in a best of 5 series. We'll see what happens. Those bats better wake up. Side note: Giants fans did cheer when Cueto exited the field. Sorta rude, but can't blame them. They just dodged one of the best pitching bullets of the season, and it couldn't have come at a better time for them.

Bot 1st - Johnny Cueto struck out

Angel Pagan to start, then on an 0-1 pitch to Marco Scutaro, he grimaced during his follow-through and hobbled around the mound. The training staff came out and Cueto gave the ball to Dusty. He's gone into the locker room. Not a good sign for the Reds. Righty Sam LeCure is the replacement pitcher. First pitch and LeCure gets the ground out to Phillips. Pablo Sandoval also grounds out to Phillips to end the inning.

Mid 1st - Giants have a pretty cool highlight reel on the big screen in center from this year. Job well done to the SF production team. Oh and clarification, they call the orange towels the "Rally Rag".

Top of 1st - Brandon Phillip flied out to deep center after getting ahead in the count, then Hunter Pence, the Giants RF made a crazy catch over a railing in foul territory. The crowd got on their feet for the play, the umpire call of "out" and the replay. Joey Votto made Cain throw 9 pitches, but finally struck him out on a 3-2 pitch. Reds get nada.

9:37 p.m. - First pitch is a ball in the dirt to Brandon Phillips. We'll be updating per half-inning from here on out.

9:35 p.m. - Giants have taken the field. They have some pretty good music here in San Fran. Good mix of modern pop and country. But I digress, there's a playoff baseball game about to go down...

9:30 p.m. - Oh boy, they have towels. AT&T Park is now painted orange. I did spot some empty seats as a result of the towels though. Nosebleeds to the left of the left field foul pole are looking a little too green (the color of the seats here). Tsk tsk Giants fans, there wasn't an empty seat at GABP in 2010.

9:28 p.m. - Alex Smith throws out the first pitch. The Giants fans go nuts. San Fran knows how to rile em up. Oh, and his pitch bounced in the right batter's box. Better stick to football Alex.

9:27 p.m. - National anthem by the Marine Division Band is followed by a flyover. Talk about timing for Fleet Week. They did fireworks over the center field scoreboard too, similar to the way the Reds do.

9:20 p.m. - Needless to say this place is going nuts over the Giants starters. Not sure if it's as loud as GABP was in 2010, but the park is more open, so it's hard to tell.

9:17 p.m. - Dusty Baker got a standing ovation when he was introduced. Real respect from Giants fans.

9:15 p.m. - Reds reserves were introduced. No surprises on the postseason roster. Mesoraco, Heisey, Valdez, Xavier Paul all here. The fans let out a good "boo" when Jonathan Broxton was introduced, but an even bigger boo when Mat Latos was introduced.

9:10 p.m. - The crowd here just got REAL pumped up when Buster Posey took the field for a pre-game jog. Johnny Cueto and Ryan Hanigan are in right field doing the same.

9:05 p.m. - It's Fleet Week here in San Francisco, and to help celebrate, the First Marine Division Band performed on the field. Pretty cool stuff to set up a playoff game.

9 p.m. - We're just 30 minutes from first pitch here at AT&T Park, and the atmosphere is full of excitement, and orange. After scouring for two days, we finally found some Reds fans as they came into the ballpark. And yes, there was even some howling. Stay with us as we update all the action of the game as it develops.

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