Greg Rhodes: Meet the man who knows the most about the Cincinnati Reds

Greg Rhodes can tell you anything you want to know about the Cincinnati Reds. 

For the approximate 23,490 games the Reds have played over the last 145 years, Rhodes can tell you what the weather was like on any given day and who the batboy was.

He is the keeper of the Cincinnati Reds history.

After work with the Cincinnati Historical Society and publishing six books, Rhodes became the director of the Hall of Fame and Museum at Great American Ball Park. The "24-hour a day" to perfect the facility was well worth it. He strived to create "touchstones that will evoke a memory" within the facility for fans. Outside of the museum, he found his own piece of Reds history that he holds near and dear.

Now, the "semi-retired" historian is working on his seventh and final novel, a comprehensive sequel that Reds fans will die for.

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