Cincinnati Reds: Fans, team know how to win on social media

CINCINNATI  - You’ve probably seen the video of Brandon Phillips making a behind-the-back tag at second base, but it was Reds fans who kept it trending on Twitter for nearly 24 hours after it happened.

Watch the video on the player above or at

And it was Reds fans voting on Twitter that made Joey Votto the face of Major League Baseball.

Reds fans and the club are changing the game when it comes to social media involvement.

The Reds have 240,000 more Facebook fans than the Pirates and upwards of 60,000 more followers on Twitter.

In fact, the Reds are more connected on social media than almost every other major league team, ranking second in fan engagement on Facebook.

Behind the posts you’re retweeting is Lisa Braun, Reds director of digital media. It’s her job to keep you talking.

“When we win the game and people are excited – it’s a walk-off home run or it’s a great play for somebody … Billy Hamilton stealing a base … that kind of stuff gets people really excited. It’s that real-time response to letting people know at that moment what’s going on,” Braun says.

And the Reds organization understands what fans want.

“Interaction – and not just pushing out information, but also reaching out to fans, communicating with them through social media, is a big part of the success,” Braun says.

That’s why the Reds started Social Media Night.

A ticket gets you a T-shirt, a seat in the social media section and a chance to meet the Reds staff you’re interacting with.

The last Social Media Night was Friday but the Reds want to keep you talling through the postseason,  asking you to use the hashtag #REDSOCTOBER to join in  the conversation.

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