Cincinnati All-Star Game tickets will be hard to get - and expensive

Fan Fest tickets will be plentiful

CINCINNATI – The Reds know they've got a problem on their hands. There won't be enough 2015 All-Star Game tickets to go around.

After Baseball takes one-third of the tickets, and the sponsors get theirs, the rest will go to Reds season ticket holders.

If you're not a season-ticket holder, you might have to pay $600 or more for a game ticket on the secondary market, judging from Forbes.

"The most difficult ticket will be the All-Star Game," said Reds COO Phil Castellini, the club's point man for ASG 2015. "Second most difficult will be Home Run Derby. Sunday tickets (for Futures and Celebrity Softball) are usually … not too hard to get. And Fan Fest, anybody can go."

Major League Baseball sets the ticket policy and pricing.

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It has been rare for a All-Star Game ticket to have an average price below $600, Forbes says.

Minneapolis is a notable exception.

On March 31 tickets were averaging $1,280.14 on the secondary market. But two days before the game, the average price was $531.78.

There were game tickets on StubHub Monday for as low as $250 for standing room, $300 for the deep outfield and upper deck, all the way up to $3,000. There were HR Derby tickets available for as low as $164.

But don't expect that to happen in Cincinnati.

Ticket demand here figures to be a lot higher than in Minneapolis because of the Queen City's central location and proximity to other baseball cities (Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Milwaukee) and other large markets (Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington, Nashville).

It will be several weeks before MLB puts a ticket policy for Cincinnati in place.

The Twins website detailed the priority for buying tickets for Minnesota – a policy set by MLB that probably will be copied in Cincinnati for next year.  And it explains why Sunday tickets could be plentiful.

Season ticket holders have to buy tickets in strips. A strip consists of:

➢ One ticket to Tuesday's All-Star Game,
➢ One ticket to Monday's HR Derby and workout,
➢ One ticket to Sunday's Futures and Celebrity Softball games,
➢ Two tickets to Fan Fest,
➢ An official All-Star Game Commemorative Program.

It figures that a good number of ticket buyers might want to dump the Futures and Softball tickets. It was clear from TV that there were many empty seats at those Sunday events.

Fan Fest tickets in Minneapolis cost $35 for adults and $30 for children and seniors, though four or more could get a discount for one or more days.

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