The calm before the storm at the Kentucky Speedway

Sparta preps for a weekend of racing

SPARTA, KY - It felt odd being at Kentucky Speedway Tuesday because it was so quiet, so pleasant, so laid back.  It won't be that way for long.

Photographer Mark Slaughter, satellite truck operator Greg Reams and I arrived early in the afternoon, moving into an RV from Jeff Couch's RV Nation in Hamilton. It was so comfortable and so breezy that we just opened the windows and didn't even crank up the air conditioning until later in the day.

All around us were workers putting the last pieces into place on displays, concession areas and souvenir stands. Luxury motor coaches were being scrubbed and throughout the day, campers were pulling into their assigned spots.  By Tuesday night, you could hear a mixture of music and baseball play-by-play from various camp sites. 

Greg and I sat outside for an hour, enjoyed a cold beverage, and listened to the end of the Reds game on radio.

The first race team haulers arrive on the scene late Wednesday morning.  Our peace and quiet will be broken.

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