Your left side is your best side

If you're getting ready for your close-up any time soon, make sure to put your left side to the camera.

A new study out of Wake Forest University shows that the left side of the face is viewed as more pleasant, according to the findings of Kelsey Blackburn and James Schirillo. The findings were published in Springer's journal Experimental Brain Research .

Through their research, it was discovered that the left side of the face was viewed more favorably because we show the most emotion on that side.

"Our results suggest that posers' left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing. Our findings provide support for a number of concepts – the notions of lateralized emotion and right hemispheric dominance with the right side of the brain controlling the left side of the face during emotional expression," the authors explained.

Blackburn and Schirillo came to the conclusion after presenting grayscale photographs of people's faces to participants. They were then asked to rate which side of the face was the most appealing.

They even went a step further by mirroring the image to see if participants changed their selection when the left side then became the right side; however, participants consistently chose the left side in both cases.

Another interesting observation was that the pupil dilated when the left side of the face was viewed.

Past studies have shown when something is pleasing to the eye, pupils dilate.

The Daily Mail conducted their own poll and found that their readers agreed that they liked the left side of celebrities' faces, including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Paris Hilton and Katy Perry.

You can read the full study here ( .

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