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Xavier students worried about safety near campus

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NORWOOD, Ohio - Some Xavier students are worried police aren't informing them about the dangers in their neighborhood.

"This year alone I've heard gunshots at least six or seven times," said Xavier junior Andrew Eluru.

Eluru only lives a few blocks from campus and says there have been several instances where he's feared for his safety.

"The week of Jan. 28 there were two shootings alone -- none of the incidents fortunately involved our students but we were never notified even though they occurred in Xavier neighborhoods," said Eluru.

He's not the only student who wants more from the police department. Xavier university students started an online petition asking for more transparency from the police department.

"It was a twofold approach. It brought issues to light and it also allowed people to voice their frustration," said student body president Seth Walsh.

The university already had an alert system in place that alerts 9,000 people within 30 seconds of emergencies.

Eluru says in his three years of being at the school, he's received two: one for a snow day and another for a computer virus. But police and Xavier officials say they plan on doing more to ensure student safety.

"What we are working to do is bridge that gap for public safety notices, our safety websites, and other means of communication," said Jeff Coleman, assistant vice president for audit and risk management at Xavier University.

"We try to walk a fine line between what we feel the students want to know and what is truly and eminent ongoing threat to students," added Coleman.

The sentiments are the same from many students 9 On Your Side spoke with on Tuesday. They love their school, but the neighborhoods near campus aren't the safest.

The police department says they are working to increase their transparency.

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