Pope Francis: World's most talked about person of 2013

Pope Francis is the most talked about person on the internet, according to a recent survey.

The Pope's name was the most searched name on the internet in 2013, according to the 14th annual survey from the Global Language Monitor.

This survey tracks top searches across the World Wide Web. GML bases rankings off blogs, social media and online news media outlets across the globe.

The 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church is also mentioned in another category of the survey. His twitter handle, @Pontifex , was No. 4 on the top searched words of 2013.

Other 'top names' of 2013 are Ed Snowden, Ted Cruz, NSA and Obamacare. Other 'top words' include '404' the code for a broken web page, 'fail' and hashtag.

The survey also included top phrases of 2013 in which 'toxic politics' was the No. 1 search.

To see the full listing of the survey, click here .


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