Largest 'four-winged' dinosaur to date unearthed in China

Scientists have discovered what they say is the largest-known feathered dinosaur, and its fossil could provide new insight into prehistoric flight.

Meet the ​Changyuraptor yangi, described as a meat-eating, raptor dinosaur with long feathers that grew on both its tail and feet.

Researchers reported Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications that after unearthing and studying the new fossil in China, they determined the nine-pound, four-foot-long feathered dino most likely preyed on early birds and mammals by swooping down on them from the skies.

National Geographic reports the ​Changyuraptor and other dinos from the raptor family are often thought to have had four wings because their long feathers make their legs look like two extra wings.

To learn more about what the lead researcher in the study called a "stunning specimen," watch this Newsy video.

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