Detainees tortured by Sesame Street?

If you have a kid, you know listening to children's songs over and over can be enough to drive you crazy after a while.

And it turns out, U.S. intelligence agents may have used that fact to their advantage.

News outlet Al Jazeera reports that back in 2003, "Sesame Street" tunes were used to "torture" prisoners here at Guantanamo Bay.

So how did that work?

Al Jazeera reports prisoners were attached to chairs and were forced to wear earphones.

The prisoners were left alone with nothing to do but listen to the music blaring in their ears for hours, sometimes even days.

But they weren't just subjected to children's music.

A former Gitmo prison guard said rock music was also used.

He said sometimes two songs would even be blasted at the same time.

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