University of Phoenix phasing out 2 Tri-State locations

WEST CHESTER, Ohio - University of Phoenix announced it is phasing out both of its Tri-State campus locations.

The for-profit college will be closing its campuses in Florence and West Chester.

The school says all students who have already enrolled for classroom courses will be able to stay in a classroom setting until they graduate.

The school, though, will no longer offer classroom courses to new students who want to attend classes at either campus.

Some students who prefer traditional classroom courses to online work were concerned by the news.

"We all chose ground campus for a reason, none of us want to go online," said Kristy Adams, a business student who attends the West Chester campus.

The ability to physically attend classes and have an in-classroom experience is important to many college students.

"I like seeing people, working with my learning team in person, it's just a better environment for myself," said Christopher Schmitz, a business student at University of Phoenix.

University of Phoenix officials say students already enrolled in classroom learning may have to attend class at a different building near where they currently go to class.

The college says the decision was made to phase out 115 campus locations around the country because of a lack of demand for classroom education at those facilities.

University of Phoenix students with questions can call 1-866-992-3302.

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