Thieves chop down a Christmas tree out of a woman's front yard

BATAVIA, Ohio - A Batavia woman woke up Thursday morning to find a tree she planted as a sapling chopped down and stolen right out of her front yard.

"I felt heartbreak," said Joanne Reynolds who lost a handsome blue spruce. "I watched this tree grow and it was growing just beautifully and had a perfect shape."

Reynolds reported the theft to the Batavia Police Department.

"I wasn't quite sure what I was seeing because it was low to the ground and I had to actually get dressed and go out there and saw that someone had chopped down my tree," said Reynolds.

She says she wants those responsible to turn themselves in. She thinks community service by planting trees would be a good punishment.

"Whoever did it could have purchased a cut down tree instead of taking a live growing tree and leaving a stump," said Reynolds.

So far Batavia police do not have any leads on who chopped down Reynold's tree. If someone has joked about it to you or even bragged about it police want you to give them a call.

Reynolds wonders why "somebody could do such a thing. Don't do to others what you wouldn't like done to you. This is my property and someone felt like they had a right to it."

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