The thrill of riding with a Blue Angel

CINCINNATI - The 2012 Dayton Air Show starts Saturday and the main attraction will be the elite Blue Angels.

9 News traffic anchor Adam Marshall was lucky enough to be the one and only member of the media allowed to take a ride that burns more than $10,000 worth of jet fuel with one of the world's most elite fighter pilots.

Before hitting the air, there is some instruction, including learning how to breathe so you don't pass out mid-flight.

After learning proper posture and breathing, it's time to strap in and hope that 30-year-old Lt. Mark Tedrow with the U.S. Navy knows what he's doing.

The flight lasted more than 30 minutes, full of twists, turns and G-forces.

Once landed, Lt. Tedrow opened up explaining what being a Blue Angel is all about.

"We have all trained to go into combat and apply this as a weapon system in combat. So this is a good deal because we get to see the other side of things. We get to make people happy and bring joy to people's lives by putting on air shows," Lt. Tedrow said.

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