The Dating Doctor gives tips for finding love

CINCINNATI - If you're single in Cincinnati you know that meeting new people can be a challenge.

So where is the best place to meet other singles- young and old? And how do you put your best self out there? 

We went to the experts and did some digging around town.

There's Party in the Park, charity fundraisers, and for those spicy singles, events like Salsa on the Square...All places where you could meet your next match.

But first, says David Coleman -- or as he's known nationwide,"The Dating Doctor"-- you have to put yourself out there.

"Number one, you have got to get off your couch and get out of your house," said Coleman.

Over two million people worldwide have heard David talk about relationships. He is a 13-time Speaker of the Year and the 2011 Entertainer Of the Year.  

He says if you sense a connection on first meeting, it's time to leave. "A suggestion is to spend no more than one hour with that person socially, no more than one hour.  We sometimes overdue it and appear needy and desperate and you always want to leave people wanting more," explained Coleman.

The Dating Doc says if you're serious about meeting someone you have to log on. "With everything from to eHarmony to Facebook to Twitter, you have to have an online presence and your online presence has to be who you are in the best light without you fabricating who you are because then when they meet you, if you're not that person, then you're a hypocrite and it doesn't work."

Right now, surveys show the top online dating sites are eHarmony,, and for singles over 50, is getting good reviews.

Here's some advice from David when you are putting together your profile:  

  • No more than three pictures. He suggests a head and shoulders shot, and a "tasteful" full body one.
  • Keep your profile short and sweet.
  • Be direct and honest, a little bit of humor.
  • Don't tell them too much so there's still something to discover about you.  

And if you're ready to put your money where your mouth is, you should check out It's Just Lunch .

Jennifer Nabli, an It's Just Lunch dating specialist in Cincinnati, explained to us how it works. When you become a client you buy a year membership.  The first thing she does is interview you about what you are looking for and what your future relationship goals are.

"It's Just Lunch is very personalized, and you get to work with your own dating specialist. We interview all our clients one on one so we get to know what they're looking for in another person and then match them accordingly. It's a lot of fun. We're always there for you every step of the way," said Nabli.

It's Just Lunch is for professionals. It's for people that want another option besides bars to meet people or they're dating their clients or colleagues. Not a good option for busy professionals and really just want to meet people that they wouldn't meet otherwise.

A year membership runs about $1,800, which some say is pricey, but Nabli says you want it to be pricey because it's an investment in your future.

It's Just Lunch works with local restaurants and bars to set their clients up for lunch or drinks after work.

Jennifer Hall was busy traveling with her job when she signed up. 

"The great thing about It's Just lunch is I definitely knew I was ready for an exclusive, committed relationship," explained Hall.   

Jennifer was on her 17th date through It's Just Lunch when she met Seth, who was on his first. Their first date was at Tellers in Hyde Park.

"I just was meeting people and things weren't working out through match making sites and other dating websites. I just wanted something that seemed easy, painless," said Set.

Jennifer and Seth hit it off and now they're happily married.

The Dating Doctor advises that when you do start dating someone and you want to give it a chance, you should suspend your online profiles and give it some time to work out.

Dating Doctor's ABC's of Initial Interest:
A: Attraction, do you find that person attractive.
B: Believability, the first few minutes that you spend in their presence do their words seem sincere and genuine to you or do you feel like they 're lying or fabricating everything you say.
C: Chemistry- every type of chemistry you have with a person besides something physical.
D: Desire to get to know them better.

The Dating Doc says if you're new to online dating you could buy a month on Match, "the prices are decent and reasonable, and they make it easy for you to set up a profile," said Coleman.

Where do you think are the best places to meet people? Please let us know by commenting below.

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