What do President Obama, Girl Scout cookies and a baby have in common? They made the digital review!

President Obama goes Between Two Ferns with Zach GalifianakisWho’s going to ask the really tough questions of our nation’s leader? Alan from “The Hangover,” of course. You have to check out this week’s edition of “Between Two Ferns,” the Zach Galifianakis recurring videocast for Funny or Die.

Happy? Hungover? Twitter knowsNew charts this week compiled Twitter data from 2013 that showed when you were most likely to Tweet how you felt: happy, sad, hung over, or “late for work.” On related note, stoptTweeting that you’re hung over or going to be late for work.

The Girl Scout Cookie Challenge . Girl Scout cookies are amazing, delicious, mind-blowing, and anyone who tells you otherwise is not a real American patriot. In a true showing of devotion to the cookie, one fanatic decided to take the ultimate risk and cover everything she ate with Girl Scout cookies for 72 hours. Brilliant, daring, disgusting – yes. Read on. (WARNING: some language may not be appropriate for all readers. Please use discretion).

What happens when you kiss a strangerI’m not really a germaphobe, but I don’t share straws or sip from the same glass as someone else and I tend to not lock lips with randoms. But for the sake of art, 20 strangers did just that. And it looks… oddly romantic.

How to score a cupcakeThis toddler presents a solid argument and teaches us a valuable lesson: You’re a lot cuter when you call your mom “honey” and refer to her by her first name.

Breaking BabyThought the “Breaking Bad” fanatics would die with the show? Or that there’s no possible way to weave in a baby with “True Detective?" Meet baby Olivia, who tries her hand at capturing some of our favorite TV shows.

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