Turkey and YouTube and Taco Bell, oh my! A digital week in review

CINCINNATI - Turkey blocks YouTube Just one week after Turkey blocked Twitter (and the Prime Minister vowed to eradicate the micro-blogging site), the country blocked users’ access to YouTube. Sigh.

Where are my diverse emojis? This week, Apple vowed to make its emojis more ethnically diverse – so if you don’t exactly see the representative emoji you’d like to use, hold tight: it may be right around the corner!

Facebook buys Oculus VR Because Facebook has $2 billion, it purchased the virtual reality headset Oculus VR this week – in case you’re wondering, $400 million was paid in cash, the rest in stock. Seriously, what am I doing wrong?!

Amazon issues e-book refunds If you noticed some more money in your Amazon account recently, our Consumer Reporter John Matarese told you why. Did you get a refund from Amazon’s e-book settlement? Let John know on Twitter, @JohnMatarese .

Baby’s reaction to March Madness ERMAHGERD, BABIES! Your bracket may be busted, your team may be out…but this video will definitely renew your faith in the Tournament.

Taco Bell doesn’t have Bieber fever Brian Niccol, Taco Bell’s president, hosted an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit this week, and found a way to jab at Canada for their most, uhh, interesting export: Justin Bieber. Also, 4/20 came up because, yeah, it’s Taco Bell.

What did I miss? Connect with me on Twitter (@jennyfromthebak ) and share your favorite digital moment from this past week.

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