The Oscars, a papal 'oops' & the ongoing struggle in the Ukraine: Hot talkers in the digital review

Everything Oscar – From the Internet’s reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio being passed up for an Oscar--yet again-- to America’s favorite Jennifer Lawrence and her best 2014 Oscar moments. And what about John Travolta’s, uhh, weird pronunciation of Idina Menzel’s name (who on earth is Adele Dazeem?!?!) and the glorious selfie that broke Twitter and set the new world record .

Whether you agreed with the Academy's picks or not, the awards show made for a eventful week around the virtual water cooler.

  • What was YOUR favorite moment of the 2014 Oscars?

In other digital news....

A papal oops: Pope Francis had a rather unfortunate slip-of-the-tongue during his weekly Vatican blessing on Sunday. Oops!

Trouble in Ukraine. The turmoil in Ukraine has been the subject of international discussion, as it escalated this week with Russian movements in Crimea. So, what on earth is going on over there? Here are nine questions people are asking about the situation.

Texas Man Tries to Beat Ellen's Selfie Record, Wins Either Way. There have been a number of parodies of the famous Ellen DeGeneres selfie Tweet this week, and I’m annoyed with all of them.

Slapping Nic Cage’s face on top of every featured celeb in the picture is not funny. Grumpy Cat popping up in the corner is not cute. And if you’ve Photoshopped your own face into the selfie, you are what’s wrong with this country. But this guy, Terry Shipman? He’s a regular Texan with a big dream, and his story is pretty gosh-darn funny.

Take cover. Want to disappear on the Internet? Follow these nine steps and total privacy could be yours!

Buzz over the "real" Barbie. A few months back, the Internet blew up when artist Nickolay Lamm created a digital rendering of what Barbie should look like, based on real human proportions. Now, the doll is closer to appearing on store shelves .

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