Shaving grace: For the fresh-faced man, online shave clubs offer accessories and community

CINCINNATI - "Winning is like shaving - you do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum." - Jack Kemp

Let’s be frank: Bearding isn’t for everyone. For the gentleman who can’t seem to get his facial hair reality to meet his expectations, or for the man who simply prefers a fresh-faced, smooth appearance, the razor is a key staple in the accessory pouch.

Enter online shave clubs: Communities where men (and women!) can sample shave products for a low monthly cost.

Intrigued? We’ve rounded up some online shave clubs you may be interested in joining: For $1 a month, you can get quality razor blades. Are they any good? They’re actually…explicitly great. Men and women, unite and join the "shavolution" at The products are proudly made in America and are affordably priced to help you save while you shave.

The Gillette subscription Still want to stick with a big brand name shaving product? Gillette’s shaving subscription ensures your shaving accessories are delivered right to your door, when you want them. stocks products for both men and women, offering up to 70% off your shaving accessories. 

Already a member? Planning on joining now? Let's chat all things #BeardWeek on Twitter, @jennyfromthebak .

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