June 23: FAFSA's offensive Tweet, Shark Week, and a red-hot World Cup in the digital review

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - FAFSA’s big fail: It’s a meme that permeates collegiate and post-grad culture: a scene from the comedy “Bridesmaids,” in which Kristen Wiig drunkenly pleads, “help me, I’m poor,” after getting kicked out of first class on the flight to Las Vegas. But when the Office of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) tries to get in on the meme-tastic action? Well, it’s just not as funny. Check out Mashable.com’s story to find out why FAFSA was forced to issue an apology after trying their hand at hip Tweets.

World Cup Fever: The USMNT squared off against Germany in a battle for the ages – or at least, to make it to the knockout round of the 2014 FIFA World Cup – on June 26. It's safe to say that all eyes were on the screen, as Twitter exploded with #USAvsGER, #USA, #USMNT and #IBelieveThatWeWillWin hashtags and eager anticipation for every goal attempt. Even though the USA lost to Germany 1-0, the Red, White and Blue will advance thanks to Christiano Ronaldo’s game-winning goal against Ghana. Get all your World Cup highlights from Thursday's big game here .

Beauty by nation: The age-old question, “what is beauty?” attempted to get some clarification this week, when over 20 photos of Esther Honig went viral. Honig posted a photo of herself online and asked people from all over the world to Photoshop her face and make her “beautiful;" hopefully, adhering to their own cultural beauty standards. What does beauty look like across the world? Read more about Honig’s “Before & After” project on WPTV.com , and check out the photos for yourself. 

Keep calm, it’s almost Shark Week: Call in sick, get some snacks, pull the shades and don’t make any plans to leave the couch: that’s right, it’s almost Shark Week! Each year, Discovery Channel ramps up the excitement for this highly-anticipated week through epic promos, and with the release of their latest 30-second commercial this week…well, check it out and see if you can’t be persuaded to stay glued to the TV as well.

Facebook FOMO: FOMO is “Fear Of Missing Out,” something many social media users experience on a regular basis as they’re exposed to the glitz and glamour that permeates the lives of…everyone in their news feeds. After all, if our Facebook Timelines are accurate, not a single person we know has a bad day anymore! If only that were true, though. This video will make you stop and think twice before you really start thinking your life isn’t as good as a Facebook friend’s. 

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