Facebook's big WhatsApp buy, an icy dad and 2 dudes named Jimmy duke it out: Digital week in review

CINCINNATI - This week was all about Jimmy: both Kimmel and Fallon. And, we're hoping this is the last we'll see of ice-related topics until next winter. 

A new "Tonight Show." Like it or not, there’s a new host in town: Jimmy Fallon ascended the throne formerly occupied by Paar, Carson and Leno on Feb. 17. Week one was a star-studded affair marked with genuine wit and of course, the evolution of hip hop dance .

Our favorite Kimmel moments. Okay, but let’s not forget our ABC host, Jimmy Kimmel. He brought his own brand of fake viral news  (remember #Twerkburn? ) to the masses with a little help from US Olympic luger Kate Hansen.

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Reveals "Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall" Prank

He keeps us ROLF (that’s rolling on the floor laughing), so we just had to share our top 9 favorite moments from "Jimmy Kimmel Live." Some of the videos are NSFW (not safe for work), so be advised.

#Snowverit. Nothing new: We saw more snow and ice this week. So did the rest of the country. In fact, the Great Lakes froze . Keep calm and think about summer.

Father of the Year 2014. This guy is either the most twisted person to ever exist, or he’s the Father of the Year. In either case, this video is rapidly going viral.  I don’t know what’s worse: the dad filming kids wiping out on ice for five minutes, the gaggle of grade school girls standing around the ice just to watch passersby bite it, or that one kid wearing shorts. You decide.

Facebook buys WhatsApp. The social media giant purchased the wildly popular messaging app for $19 billion this week. To learn more about the sale, read the full story here .

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