Block that pop-up! AdTrap promises to tackle any website ad anytime, anywhere

Ads on your favorite websites getting you down? A 31-year-old entrepreneur says he's got the remedy, and it's called AdTrap.

The AdTrap website itself makes it sound pretty simple:

"You plug AdTrap between your modem and router, acting as a hardware based filter. That's it. It just works"

The product sells for $139, and promises "zero software to install, zero configuration." 

"There's no software to configure or settings, that was really one of the goals of the project to make it easy for people," Russell told CNN.

According to its website, AdTrap will also:

  • Automatically update as advertisers change schemes
  • Blocks ads from music and video streams, mobile apps and web pages
  • Work with all browsers
  • Work with any Internet enabled device
  • Enable cleaner and faster loading websites
  • Protect your privacy
  • Prevent tracking and profiling techniques used by advertisers

Russell introduced his concept on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. He was hoping to raise $150,000 to launch AdTrap. Investors ponied up, to the tune of more than $213,000.

Russell told CNN that based on early orders, demand seems incredibly high.

"I think the success of the product is really showing you how the general public feels right now about the state of advertising," he said.

So won't AdTrap make advertisers really mad? Russell told CNN that he's already hired a Silicon Valley law firm help him deal with potential fallout.

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