#BeforeManzielGetsDrafted, a fitness app flub, and Facebook's new motto: The digital week in review

#BeforeManzielGetsDrafted A-Rod returns. Sponge Bob will get his boating license. A real singer named Adele Dazeem. These are the things the Internet said would happen before Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel (that’s Johnny Football, to you!) would get drafted. Why? Because the hyped-about player did get drafted first. Or second. Or ninth, when the Cleveland Browns – desperately in need of a solid quarterback – selected CB Justin Gilbert. No, Johnny Manziel was the 22nd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft on May 8. Spoiler alert: the Browns got Manziel. With each draft announcement, the camera flashed to the anxious-looking Manziel, and of course, the Internet exploded. With the NFL Draft trending on Twitter all night, the #BeforeManzielGetsDrafted hashtag dominated the scene and inspired hilarity from all sources.

Fitness app flub? An NPR report this week claimed that most fitness apps may not be getting you the results you’d hoped for. Because you actually might not be getting started in the first place. Penn State researchers analyzed the top 200 fitness apps and found that most lacked the scientifically-tested motivational techniques that get you moving in the first place.

You get a new Twitter! And you get a new Twitter! Everybody gets a new Twitter! Have you been grumbling about the new Twitter layout? Are you jealous that it hasn’t hit your profile yet? Well Tweeps, like it or not, it’s a-comin’. If you haven’t yet updated, the new profile will be rolled out for all users by May 28, according to Twitter.

The Motto Facebook used to have this saying “Move Fast and Break Things,” essentially meaning developers were encouraged to innovate quickly and accept a few bugs and glitches in the early rounds – those could be improved upon later. But this week, Facebook took a sharp turn and in turn, took on a new motto: “Move Fast with Stable Infra.”

Because who DOESN'T want that on a spring break t-shirt?

The Snaps stay Snapchat settled with the FTC this week over misleading claims about just how impermanent – or not – your snaps actually are. While popular opinion (based on Snapchat’s own marketing) has users believing snaps disappear forever, third-party apps that allow you to save and continue viewing snaps have proved otherwise.

Youthletic.com How many times have your kids’ sports fliers been misplaced? Or set under a pile of things? Or accidentally neglected? Youthletic.com, a website launched by E.W. Scripps (WCPO’s parent company) aims to make it easy for you. It serves as a “clearinghouse of information” for over 1,500 youth sports and provides users with tryout dates and times and programs ratings/reviews. WCPO contributor Ben Wapole shares more about Youthletic.com in his latest piece for WCPO.com.

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