US Attorney Carter Stewart to speak on the "school to prison" pipeline

CINCINNATI -- U.S. Attorney Carter Stewart will speak about the "school to prison pipeline" at a public forum at First Unitarian Church on Tuesday.

The issues refers to the pattern of "tracking" students out of schools because of zero tolerance polices that impose severe discipline on students without regard to individual circumstances.

Every year, millions of public school students are suspended or expelled, often for minor situations. School-based arrests happen "too often" according to Stewart. 

Stewart will address the consequences of arrests, detentions, and juvenile court appearances. He will also discuss children's mental health, educational success and future employment opportunities.

Stewart supervises the prosecution of all federal crimes and the litigation of civil matters in which the federal government has an interest.

The session will take place Tuesday evening, at First Unitarian Church from 7 to 9 p.m. The Church is located at 536 Linton St. off Reading Road in Avondale.

The forum is presented by Woman's City Club.

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