State reps: Language on provisional ballot envelopes 'deceptive'

CINCINNATI – Two local state representatives want to see language on the back of provisional ballot envelopes changed because they believe it's deceptive to voters.

Rep. Dale Mallory (D-Cincinnati) and Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) announced Thursday that the line the want removed from the ballot reads, “Failure to complete this form will not cause your provisional ballot to be rejected.”

They say that information is false.

“The line on the back of provisional ballot envelopes is misleading and inaccurate,” Mallory said. “Hundreds, if not thousands, of votes were not counted as a result. Changes must be made to rectify this significant error.”

Reece, president of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, said the "deceptive language" on the envelope is partly responsible for a significant number of provisional ballots not being counted.

“Ohio throws out a significant number of provisional ballots every election year, and this deceptive language is part of the problem,” said Reece who recently introduced a Voter Bill of Rights. “We should make it as easy as possible for Ohioans’ to have their voices heard and their votes counted.”

Rep. Mallory and Rep. Reece want to see this problem fixed before May 6, 2014.

WCPO reached out to members of the Hamilton County Board of Elections but no one was available for comment.

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