Ohioans can be fined for letting cars warm up running unattended

CLEVELAND -- With temperatures falling into the teens, many Ohioans want to warm up their car while they stay warm inside the house.

But when you go back out, you could find a $150 fine waiting on you.

Under OH Revised Code 4511.661, a state-wide law has been in effect since 2004 that states no person is permitted to leave a vehicle unattended without first stopping the engine and removing the key from the ignition.

Under the law, if caught, you could be slapped with a minor misdemeanor charge in addition to the fine.

But if that seems harsh, be glad that  we aren't in Minnesota.

There, police in one city will take your keys if they find your car running, unattended and unlocked.

The good news: Automatic car starters are exempted from the law so feel free to use those.

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