Ohio Department of Education asks students to submit video about education experience

Every student wishes they had a say in the learning process. From what's taught to how it's taught to why it's taught -- young minds want to play a role in their own education.

A new video project promoted by the Ohio Department of Education is giving our best and brightest, the future of our country, a chance to do just that.

The education department's Office of Race to the Top  wants every student to submit a video sharing their unique school experiences. Students are asked to create a 55-second video that responds to one of the following questions (or series of questions):

1. What makes learning exciting to you?

2. How does a good teacher help you to be successful?

3. Why do you think it’s important to have a good teacher?

4. Have you ever had a teacher that helped you to overcome an obstacle? Can you tell us about it?

5. How has a teacher helped you understand the connection between what you are learning in school and the job you want to have when you grow up?

Officials from the Ohio Department of Education are encouraging teachers and parents to support student participation.

"The videos will be used to celebrate the voice of our students – our most precious resource!" according to a statement from the department.

More than 2,300 educators from around that state will have a chance to hear the "voice of our students" at Ohio’s Annual Statewide Education Conference , which will be held Oct. 28-29 in Columbus, Ohio.

The videos are part of the conference's goal to teach various innovative models and promising practices to teachers across the state, according to a release from the conference. Many of those techniques and styles are being used in some of Ohio’s Race to the Top districts and community schools.

The goal of the Race to the Top program is to help mold the transformation of Ohio’s education system, according to the Ohio Department of Education's website .

All video submissions need to be emailed to adrienne.carr@education.ohio.gov by Friday, Oct. 11. You can also email any questions to that same address.

*Submitted videos are property of the Ohio Department of Education and will not be returned once submitted. Submissions indicate permission to use images. Please make sure you are submitting a final copy the video presentation.

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