Norman Gurley arrested in Ohio for having empty hidden compartment in car

Gurley is first to be arrested under new state law

LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio -- A man was arrested in Ohio Wednesday for having a hidden compartment in his car.

The kicker? The compartment was empty.

Norman Gurley, 30, was arrested by state troopers in Northeast Ohio after being pulled over on the turnpike in Lorain County.

According to WKYC-TV , Gurley, from Michigan, was pulled over for speeding, but troopers then noticed several wires running to the back of his vehicle. Those wires led them directly to an empty hidden compartment.

Gurley was then arrested, becoming the first person in the state to be arrested under Ohio's new "hidden compartment" law.

WKYC reports the law is meant to combat criminals who modify the inside of their car, allowing them to store drugs or weapons inside secret compartments. The compartments can often only be accessed electronically.

"During the search, they noticed some components inside the vehicle that did not appear to be factory," Lt. Michael Combs with State Highway Patrol told WKYC . "Without the hidden compartment law, we would not have had any charges on the suspect."

Combs told the station that driving a "trap" car in Ohio is considered a felony.

Combs said authorities believe Gurley was "caught between runs."

"This takes away one tool they have in their illegal trade," he said. "The law does help us and is on our side."

Gurley, who is from Michigan, was arraigned Thursday morning and has since posted bond.

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