Nettie and Florence Cronise, Ohio's first female lawyers, honored in Tiffin

TIFFIN, Ohio (AP) -- Two sister-lawyers who made Ohio history are now honored with a marker in Tiffin's courthouse square.

Nettie and Florence Cronise became Ohio's first female lawyers when they were admitted to the bar in 1873.

Nettie went first, facing some vigorous opposition. Around that time, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed Illinois' decision to deny another woman's bar admission based on gender. Younger sister Florence was admitted six months later.

Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor, the first female head of the Ohio Supreme Court, helped dedicate a marker in honor of the Cronise sisters last month.

It sits at Market and Washington streets, not far from where they opened Ohio's first female-owned law practice, N. & F. Cronise.

Barring women from practicing law was prohibited in the U.S. in 1971.

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