The Weather Channel reports 'firenado' on Kentucky lake 'brimming with bourbon'

Lightning struck a nearby Jim Beam facility

Deep in bourbon country, a lake caught fire.


Believe it or not, the bourbon was the culprit.

According to a post by The Weather Channel, a lake near a Jim Beam facility in Kentucky was "brimming with bourbon" after lightning struck the warehouse and caused a "firenado" a few years back.

I know that verbal description doesn't do the event justice, so... here:



A lake brimming with bourbon becomes the nesting ground for a firenado, after a lightning strike destroys a Jim Beam warehouse. Watch, as the whirl *really* gets going 20 seconds into the video. (Don’t forget to unmute the video to hear the story.)

Posted by The Weather Channel on Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Weather Channel did not indicate which Jim Beam facility was damaged by the lightning strike, and the spectacle and circumstances certainly raise a few questions.

One explanation? Maybe Jim Beam's brand of cinnamon-flavored bourbon, Kentucky Fire, is emerging into real life.

As far as the science, according to the report, firenadoes are extremely rare, and require certain conditions to be possible. In this case, lightning, wind, water and bourbon did the trick.

According to the Weather Channel's report, the lightning strike caused some 800,000 gallons of bourbon to flood the nearby retention lake.

A nearby creek was contaminated, the report stated, killing many fish, and the strike resulted in nearly $27,000 in damages (probably not including the lost bourbon).

But, if I ignore the ecological impact (which no one ever should), the fact that "firenadoes" are a thing, and this one happened here in Kentucky -- and it involved bourbon -- makes a small part of me like "America's spirit" all the more.

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