Kentucky bill proposes shorter school year, allowing for more planning

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- A bill was passed Wednesday by the House Education Committee that would shorten the school year for Kentucky students, allowing districts to make more choices in planning.

Student attendance days in the Kentucky school calendar would move from 175 days to 170 days according to House Bill 383, but the school term would stay at 185 days (1,062 instructional hours). The school term includes student attendance days, teacher professional days and school holidays.

“Right now the (language) reads 175 six-hour days,” Rep. Addie Wuchner, who sponsored the bill said. “When we hold schools to that, they lose the ability, because they only have five, what I call, ‘flexible hours’ that they could give up. To say ‘it’s not going to be a six-hour day; it’s going to be about a four-hour day’ (to) take a two-hours delay rather than take the whole day off.”

The bill will go before the full House, spokesman Michael Goins of the Ky. House Republican Caucus said. It proposes an easier way for schools to handle snow days or other emergencies, and make sure no classroom hours are lost.

If the House and Senate both pass the bill, it would take effect immediately, Goins said.


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