Jason Ellis Memorial Act would set life sentence minimum for cop killers in Ky.

BARDSTOWN, Ky. – A Kentucky state representative filed the Officer Jason Ellis Memorial Act on Tuesday in response to the May 15, 2013 shooting death of the Bardstown, Ky. cop.

“The murder of Officer Ellis highlights the danger the men and women of law enforcement across the Commonwealth face on a daily basis, whether it’s in a large city or a community like Bardstown, “ said Rep. David Floyd.  “My bill places the lives of our police officers to the highest possible level, and will hold anyone who is convicted of intentionally murdering an officer to at least the rest of their lives behind bars.”

Ellis, a Cincinnati-area native, was killed just outside of Bardstown after his shift ended. In an apparent ambush, Ellis was lured from his cruiser and shot to death.

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Specifically, the language of House Bill 368 states that “under the definition of murder that in the case of the killing of a person who is a local or state police officer, sheriff, or deputy sheriff who was at the time of the murder on duty and the murder was intentional would face life in prison without any possibility of parole.”

The bill will be considered during the 2014 regular session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

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