Lawrenceburg man accused of assaulting woman, police officer

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. -- A Lawrenceburg man faces charges after police said he attempted to take an officer’s gun after a domestic situation.

The Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office said the incident happen Sunday at a home on Randy Avenue.

Officers said Officer Morgan Hedrick was called to the home to investigate a domestic battery call.

When he arrived, Hedrick said people at the scene told him Joseph Schuler had battered a woman.

Hedrick said Schuler’s behavior was erratic and that he was making threats. The officer said he saw blood on Schuler’s hand, as well.

Investigators said Schuler threatened to take Hedrick’s gun and “kill everyone.”

Hedrick said he tried to detain Schuler but he resisted and hit Hedrick while threatening to kill him. Schuler is also accused of trying to take Hedrick’s gun.

When other officers arrived, they restrained Hedrick and took him to the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center.

Hedrick was treated and released from Dearborn County Hospital for injuries suffered in the scuffle.

Schuler is charged with attempted murder, battery resulting in serious bodily injury, intimidation on law enforcement, criminal confinement, strangulation, battery resulting in bodily injury and criminal mischief.

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