Investigators re-open 1981 Indiana murder case

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ind. -- Investigators pulled out and dusted off a 32-year-old southeast Indiana murder case Monday.

State police said advances in forensic technology and other developments led to authorities re-opening the investigation into the death of 65-year-old Donald Elmo Quinlan.

Quinlan was found dead Oct. 2, 1981, at his home near the Whitewater River in Cedar Grove, Ind.

For 32 years, the tiny village of Cedar Grove has lived in mystery over Quinlan’s death.

Many residents there say they have their suspicions about the case, but no one has ever been arrested or charged.

Investigators said new tools and new witness information led to ISP re-opening the case.

“There’s been a lot of advancement in forensic technology that's available to us today that wasn't in 1981,” said ISP Sgt. Noel Houze. “We're also looking for anybody who may have information."

Houze said someone might know something but were too afraid to come forward in 1981.

She said now is the time to talk so justice can be brought to Quinlan's family.

"Let us know,” Houze said. “It might mean something because maybe it is a small bit of information, but you couple that with a few other bits of small information and it might be just what we need to break the case.”

Anyone with information on the investigation is urged to get in touch with ISP's Versailles District at 812-689-5000 or 800-566-6704.

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