Monkey shot and killed in Clermont County

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NEVILLE, Ohio - A monkey perched in a Clermont County tree caused a commotion in an otherwise quiet town.

On Saturday, May 18, Clermont County deputies were dispatched after reports of a monkey from an unknown origin was suspended in a tree in Neville, Ohio.

Sheriff A.J. Rodenberg said two deputies attempted to coax the monkey down from the tree but were unsuccessful in their efforts.

After deciding the monkey posed no immediate threat, the deputies left the scene, according to Rodenberg.

The monkey remained in the tree and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources was called. State wildlife officers arrived, eventually shooting and killing the monkey.

"(The wildlife officers) had spent a little bit of time trying to lure (the monkey) down," said Erica Hawkins, a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Agriculture. "It would come down a little bit then bolt from tree to tree. It was approaching nighttime and I think that's why the decision was made."

Rodenberg said the Sheriff's office was not involved in the decision to shoot the animal.

"These monkeys can be carriers of a lot of diseases," Hawkins said. "We didn't know who it belonged to or what it could have been carrying. If it would have approached a child or something and scratch it or bite it, it would have been a public safety risk."

Hawkins said the monkey was brought to the Department of Agriculture after it was killed for testing.

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