Exotic animals escape Muskingum County Animal Farm
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Photo courtesy of the Ohio News Network
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Exotic animals escape Muskingum County Animal Farm
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Exotic animals escape Muskingum County Animal Farm
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'Esquire' examines Zanesville exotic animal release

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When an owner of exotic animals set dozens of lions, tigers and bears free near Zanesville, Ohio, it got state and national attention. Now, popular mens magazine, Esquire is examining the story.

Esquire published a preview of their story about the release and slaying of the exotic animals . In the story — aptly called "Animals" — writer Chris Jones talks about the dramatic events that led sheriff's deputies to kill 48 wild animals, including bears, lions and endangered Bengal tigers.

Deputies were forced to kill the dangerous animals after their owner, Terry Thompson, threw open their cages late in the afternoon on Oct. 18 and then committed suicide on his farm in rural eastern Ohio near Zanesville.

For the story, which is published in the March issue of Esquire, Jones spoke with Sheriff Matt Lutz about his leadership and the images he says he can never erase from his memory. The piece also shares some of the shocking photos taken around the town and the farm from that day.

To read an online preview of the full story, go to http://www.esquire.com/features/zanesville-0312 .

To listen to part of the 911 call and see a video about the Esquire coverage, click on the video player below. (Note to mobile users: Open story in a browser to watch video.)


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