Sheriff attacks Governor on immigration

HAMILTON, Ohio - The Butler County Sheriff is taking stabs at Ohio's governor for not being tough enough on illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Richard Jones sent a letter to Governor John Kasich Wednesday afternoon.
In it, Jones attacks Kasich for not making illegal workers a priority during his first six months in office.

Jones says people here illegally are taking jobs from Ohioans and we need every job we can get in this economy. He wants Kasich to push for legislation other states have or are considering that would make it easier to detect who is here illegally.

Jones also wants the country to stop letting people in legally because he says there are not enough jobs to go around.

"We're laying policemen off. We're laying school teachers off. We're laying firemen off. We don't manufacture anything. Any job, it should be U.S. citizen's. Americans first. Period," said Jones.

9 News has put a request in to Governor Kasich's office for a response to the letter. We had not yet received a response when this story was posted.

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