Experts: Millions of cicadas to invade Tri-State

CINCINNATI -- You hear them every summer.

And with this week’s high temperatures, that buzzing sound could be getting a lot louder due to a rise in the Tri-State’s annual cicadas.

"You can actually hear them in the trees,” said Dr. Gene Kritsky, professor in biology at the College of Mount St. Joseph. “They're the insect going, bzzz, bzzz, bzzz, bzzz."

The Tri-State has had a decent amount of rain this year, and that's increased the number of the insect’s population. 

Cicadas also really like the heat, causing them to emerge a little earlier this year. Experts say they’re expected to stick around through fall.

"The heat this week will cause more to emerge if they haven't emerged yet,” said Kritsky. “We might see a slight increased bump in the population, coming out in the next few days."

Kritsky said the annual cicadas that our region is currently seeing come every year, but there are some exciting things happening in the cicada world soon.

“Next year, we're going to have an emergence of a 13-year cicada here in Ohio," he said.

Kritsky said the periodical cicadas will take over Clermont and Brown counties. 

By 2017, there will be tens of thousands of cicadas all over Mt. Healthy, Anderson and parts of Hyde Park.

"The big one will be in 2021,” Kritsky said. “That's when Brood 10 cicada emerges, and that will occur primarily west of I-71, throughout the city. And well, that's when we're expecting to see hundreds of millions of cicadas."

The periodical cicada broods are the ones that come out every 13 to 17 years. They use the term brood and a number in order to track the cicadas.

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