Cincy Science: UC experiments with drones to fight fires and deliver your packages from the sky

CINCINNATI - When online retail giant Amazon proposed last year to deliver packages by drone, many found the claim to be outrageous. But the era of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is hovering just on the horizon.

At the University of Cincinnati, students may see drones buzzing about campus as a team of researchers continue testing in search of certification of drones designed for commercial use.

Associate professor of aerospace engineering and engineering mechanics Kelly Cohen discussed UAVs as part of everyday life and helping make their ideas fly.

Q&A with Professor Cohen:

1. What types of commercial drones are currently in development at UC?

There are two different applications, one carries packages, it’s called the HorseFly and one for firefighting. It’s taking real time information about the scene and fusing that information with weather conditions, topology, and wind uncertainty models in order to come up with a prediction on where the fire is going to advance. That would help firefighters make a better decision when it comes to allocating the resources. WATCH: The firefighting drone in action

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