Cincy Science: UC clinical psychologist explains why thoughts of spring put a spring in our step

Ever ask, "What is that?" Or, "Why is that?" In our new "Cincy Science" feature, we talk with people who can answer those questions: The folks who do science in Cincinnati and the Tri-State.

The first day of spring for 2014 is March 20. So if you are feeling a little more upbeat than you have in recent months, a local psychologist says there's good reason.

Q&A with clinical psychologist Charles Brady:

1. With warmer weather just around the corner (we hope), why do we tend to get excited about Spring?

When we talk about getting excited we are talking about a feeling. To understand why we have certain feelings we have to consider a number of factors. Three big factors we look at the most are thoughts, actions and biology. 

As spring approaches we tend to have positive memories of warm weather, nature blooming, upcoming vacations and other experiences that help get us excited for this soon to arrive season. This anticipation fuels an improved mood. Think of how you feel when you are thinking about a long awaited vacation. You feel the pleasure of it well before it actually arrives. We also start to change our behaviors.

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