Cincy Science: With summer comes smog, so here's what we can do to improve the air

It's summer in the Tri-State, that means swimming pools, cookouts, outdoor concerts and...smog.

With temperatures, the risk of poor air quality also increases. While Cincinnati is in no danger of reaching the levels of Beijing, we can still expect our share of bad air.

To get some insight into the causes of poor air quality and what we can expect in the Tri-State, we talked to Alison Davis, senior advisor for public affairs in EPA’s Research Triangle Park office.

Q & A with EPA's Alison Davis

1. What is smog?

Smog is a word that's commonly used for the pollutant called ground level ozone. If you think about ozone, it actually forms in the atmosphere when emission from cars, trucks, buses, industries, power plants and consumer products like some paints cook in the sun. So hot, sunny days make it easier for ozone to form.

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