People 'elect' President Obama's tweet as most popular of all time

President Barrack Obama did more Tuesday night than win re-election.

The president set a new record on the social media site Twitter for the most re-tweeted comment. President Obama's "Four more years" tweet, which included a picture of him embracing first lady Michelle Obama, has been re-tweeted more than 654,836 times as of Wednesday morning. The comment has also been "favorited" by users of the social media site more than 200,000 times.

According to, it took only 22 minutes for the historic tweet to rack up a record 226,249 retweets. After 45 minutes, the tweet had totaled 303,795 retweets.

The president posted two other messages during the evening that collected more than 150,000 retweets and 50,000 favorites.

The previous record for most popular tweet was held by teen idol Justin Bieber, who had his "RIP Avalanna. I love you" tweet -- a message in memory of a young fan who passed away from a terminal illness -- re-tweeted 223,376 times.

According to Twitter, the microblogging site averaged 327,452 tweets being sent per minute on election night. Twitter reported it had several other usage spikes during the evening, including when polling places on the East Coast began to close and after presidential races were called in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

More than 31 million tweets were posted on Election Day.

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