School board votes against moratorium to ban shooting ranges near Loveland schools

LOVELAND, Ohio - Several members of the community of Loveland are upset after city council's 4-3 decision not to implement a moratorium on shooting ranges in the city.

"Not only did council act, they acted the opposite," Loveland resident Brian Wint said.

Residents wanted council to ban any new shooting ranges in the city. Parents pleaded for the sake of the children that go to Loveland primary and elementary school since the proposed shooting range would be just a few hundred feet from the schools across the street.

"What I'm advocating for is to take an active stance at this time and try to open up other locations and convince the business owner that there are other locations and anything else the staff recommends," Loveland council member Brent Zuch said.

Council would like the Planning and Zoning Commission to listen to the proposal in hopes of accomplishing this goal.

The Loveland School Board also met before the council meeting Tuesday evening. School board members unanimously voted against having the shooting range near the schools.

"I believe it's everyone's right to buy a hang gun and defend themselves," Loveland parent Steven Vise said.  "There's a much better place to put a shooting range than just directly across from our most vulnerable children."

Wint said the parents in the community will work to find a solution.

"We will continue to work with city council, find common sense solutions, be optimistic and hope to work with planning and zoning," Wint said.

City council will take their proposal to the Planning and Zoning Commission at its meeting scheduled for Monday, Feb. 4.

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