Sarah Jones' ex-husband admits he threatened the former teacher

COVINGTON, Ky. - The ex-husband of a former Ben-Gal cheerleader and former teacher admitted in court Wednesday that he was threatening her and her family.

Nathan Wilburn did not contest the allegations that he threatened to kill his ex-wife, Sarah Jones.

Jones filed a temporary protection order against Wilburn in Kenton County on Tuesday.

In court Wednesday, Wilburn admitted to threatening Jones with a murder-suicide, and threatening to break the neck of the victim, Cody York, and showing up at her workplace to harass her. He also admitted to sending harassing emails to Jones and her mother, Cheryl Jones, as recently as Oct. 7.

"I was pleased the Judge read the allegations, because then they were made public because then people would understand the basis of the EPO, so I was pleased with that. I was also pleased, and shocked, that he did not contest it, and the reason being that I just assumed he would not come, and put himself through it," said Jones' attorney, Eric Deters.

A judge ordered Wilburn to have no contact with Jones for three years, and ordered him to stay 500 feet from her home and her workplace. He also ordered Wilburn isn't to dispose or damage Jones' property.

Earlier this month, Jones, 26, appeared in front of Kenton County Judge Patricia Summe and pleaded guilty to sex abuse. Jones was accused of having sex with then-17-year-old student, York, while she worked as an English teacher at Dixie Heights High School in Northern Kentucky.

Jones admitted to having a romantic relationship with York, who is now 18, which included "a sexual relationship and sexual intercourse."

In exchange for Jones' guilty plea, the prosecution dropped the charge to sexual misconduct. Jones will not have to register as a sex offender or go to jail. She was sentenced to five years probation.

Jones and Wilburn were married in July 2011 and separated one month later. Jones admitted her relationship with York began in October 2011.

Jones' attorney, Eric Deters, told 9 News the former teacher is still afraid of Wilburn.

"When I leaned over in the courtroom, I said 'Sarah, this is really, really good.' She says, 'he's still going to kill me.'"

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