Reward increase leads to tips in murder of Stephensons

FLORENCE, Ky. - When Boone County officials announced a $100,000 reward for information that would lead to an arrest in the murders of Bill and Peggy Stephenson, their goal was to get the case back into the public's mind and possibly get some substantial leads.

The reward increase worked.

Detectives tell 9 News that since increasing the reward on Aug. 30, there have a number of good, credible tips coming into the department.

Officials say they are following up with each and every tip they receive.

In addition to the new reward amount, police also announced on Aug. 30 that they had the killer's DNA but they have yet to make any arrests.

The family of the murdered couple have since released a statement that reads:

"As a result of the press conference last week announcing the DNA results, the increase in the reward and the large banners that were put up, we are encouraged that the police are getting calls and we are confident that the person/persons responsible for our parents' murders will be caught."

Bill and Peggy Stephenson were found murdered in their Florence home in May 2011.

The Stephensons' nephew, Robert Charles Stephenson, was previously named a person of interest in the case and is charged with murder in an unrelated case involving the death of Leigh Jennings in Indiana. He pleaded not guilty to the Indiana murder charge.

Authorities have said they have tested his DNA, and he is not a match.

Anyone with information on their killings is encouraged to call (859) 334-8496. There's also a website dedicated to the case created by the Boone County Sheriff's department.

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