Residents complain of new odor from Rumpke landfill in Colerain Township

COLERAIN, Ohio - When you put your trash out at the curb, you hope that's the last you'll see and smell it. But residents in Colerain Township say they can't get away from a new smell at the Rumpke landfill on Struble Road.

An underground reaction is making the landfill stink differently than residents are accustomed to and some say the new smell is worse.

"That smell right away just hits you," said Joe Kampf, a Colerain Township resident.

Kampf was one of dozens who attended a meeting Tuesday night to try to get answers from Rumpke on why the new odor is coming from the landfill.

"There are some days we go outside and my son is like 'Dad I cant play out here it stinks,'" said Kampf.

Rumpke says an underground reaction in the north end of the landfill is compromising the landfill's gas collection system. That is creating a smell that is noticeably different than what people are used to.

Rumpke says it is working to fix the problem, and they say no danger is posed to the environment or residents.

"Lets just assume all those chemicals are healthy, well it still stinks," said Carl Hafer, a Colerain Township resident.

Jay Roberts, the Director of Engineering and Environmental Affairs for Rumpke, took questions from concerned residents like Hafer.

"It's not something that is going to go away immediately, but we'll continue to work at it," said Roberts.

Roberts says what is happening in Colerain Township is rare, but they're working every day to fix it.

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