Strangers help Covington family left homeless from blaze

COVINGTON, Ky. -- A massive fire that began Thursday in a vacant home on Martin Street in Covington spread quickly, burning three neighboring homes.

The fire left 19 people homeless.

But one family, left with nothing, received a blessing from a group of strangers.

The Golden family -- a father paralyzed from a stroke, a mother recuperating after being hit by a drunk driver and a daughter with a young son -- lost everything after last week's fire engulfed their home on Martin Street.

The incident caught one local family's eye.

"We saw the story on the news and were so touched that we reached out to them," a woman who asked to remain anonymous said. "They are a strong and courageous family but are overwhelmed with what they are facing."

Niki Golden was driving to her family's house when she saw the neighbor's home on fire. Golden called 911 as she saw flames taking over the backside of their home. Her father, who is paralyzed, had to be carried out by fire rescue teams. 

Melvin Golden was taken outside to sit in the cold for nearly three hours while crews battled the fire. The family had nowhere to go.

The Red Cross is in the process of finding a home for the Golden family. In the meantime, they have been staying at a hotel in Newport. 

The family lost crucial items such as Melvin's specialized hospital bed, hospital items, medications, pictures and furniture.

The local, anonymous woman and her family said they were compelled to help the Golden family in any way they could.

"Please help this family in need, they are such great people and deserve this chance to start over with clear minds and warm hearts," she said.

They have set up a 'GoFundMe' website to help the Golden family. The family is in need of everything, from clothes to blankets to toiletries and food.

The GoFundMe site is available here: Covington Fire Fund .

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