Living in Lakeside Park, Ky.: With 4 businesses & 5 churches, it's a small city with a lot of pride

LAKESIDE PARK, Ky. - Editor's Note: Readers may have noticed that our regular feature, "Meet the Mayor," was missing for a few months. We put the series on hiatus, reworked it, and now are pleased to bring you "Living In..." in its place each Wednesday.

Examining a map of Lakeside Park, you may wonder where the lake is. There are a few small bodies of water, but don't look for an actual lake.

Lakeside Park is a bedroom community with four businesses: Barleycorn's Restaurant, a US Post Office, Quality Window Tinting, and a substation for Cincinnati Bell. In addition, there are five churches.

Over 45 years ago, city council explored the opportunity of forming the first Police Authority in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The council contacted Crestview Hills with the idea of sharing services at an affordable rate and at the same time providing a top notch police department for both cities. This resulted in the formation of the Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills Police Authority, a 12-person fully accredited police department Lakeside Park has contracted with Fort Mitchell for fire protection since the community was founded in 1930. 

WCPO Insiders can learn more about Lakeside Park, and read what a resident of more than 60 years standing thinks of her community.

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