Living in Lakeside Park, Ky.: With 4 businesses & 5 churches, it's a small city with a lot of pride

LAKESIDE PARK, Ky. - Editor's Note: Readers may have noticed that our regular feature, "Meet the Mayor," was missing for a few months. We put the series on hiatus, reworked it, and now are pleased to bring you "Living In..." in its place each Wednesday.

Lakeside Park, Ky.

  • County: Kenton
  • Population: 2,850
  • Founded: 1930
  • Mayor: David E. Jansing Elected: November 2010
  • Claim to fame: Voted the second most livable city in Greater Cincinnati in 2000

Examining a map of Lakeside Park, you may wonder where the lake is. There are a few small bodies of water, but don't look for an actual lake.

Lakeside Park  is a bedroom community with four businesses: Barleycorn's Restaurant, a US Post Office, Quality Window Tinting, and a substation for Cincinnati Bell. In addition, there are five churches.

Over 45 years ago, city council explored the opportunity of forming the first Police Authority in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The council contacted Crestview Hills with the idea of sharing services at an affordable rate and at the same time providing a top notch police department for both cities. This resulted in the formation of the Lakeside Park-Crestview Hills Police Authority , a 12-person fully accredited police department Lakeside Park has contracted with Fort Mitchell for fire protection since the community was founded in 1930. 

Jansing said, "We have some of the best maintained streets around. Again, this goes back to the fact that everyone works together, realizing that it takes more than concrete and asphalt to make a city."

"We are a small city with a lot of pride," said Jansing.

June Kroger, 89, agrees. When she married her husband Bernard Henry Kroger Jr., in 1950, the couple moved to his homestead on Dixie Highway in Lakeside Park. Although she was raised in Erlanger, she has only lived in two houses and attended two churches.

"This is a wonderful place to raise a family. It's conservative," she said. The Krogers raised three children, all of whom live in Kentucky. 

"It is such a small community that everyone knows everyone else," she said. While Kroger has assistance with the upkeep of her home, she hopes to stay "until God wants me. I push myself."

Kroger has lived in Lakeside Park for 64 years, so her roots are deep in the town. The first in her family to go to college, she graduated from Villa Madonna (now Thomas More College) with a major in education. For three years, she taught at Regina High School in Norwood (now closed). Dedicated to Kentucky, however, Kroger volunteers on Fridays at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport in the baggage claim department.

In addition, she is a long-time member of Blessed Sacrament Church in Ft. Mitchell and a member of Kenton County Homemakers. 

In the summer, there are recreational activities available  in town, including volleyball and tennis camps as well as a cruise on the Ohio River. 

"I feel the most unique quality about our city is our residents," Jansing said. "Being a small city, it is amazing to see how much our residents look out for each other and work together sharing a common goal. It is almost like being an extra-large neighborhood where everybody just about knows everyone else."

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